Hasekura Restaurant

Hasekura Japanese Restaurant | Monti area

In the historic Rione Monti in the center of Rome, gradually approaching the Colosseum, halfway after the intersection with Via Panisperna, on the right side at 27 Via dei Serpenti, there is the Hasekura restaurant.
The restaurant was founded on 22 January 1994 by Ito Kimiji and PalmaFranca. The philosophy of the cuisine and the restaurant are enclosed in the words of Ito “Japanese cuisine has many rules, but requires little explanation. The best way to learn is to watch a teacher and imitate him”. The trick of Japanese cuisine is to intervene as little as possible on food, the main work is to choose the ingredients. A good natural taste does not need to be modified. Aesthetics plays a very important role in Japanese cuisine. There is no order in the dishes, which are smaller and more numerous. There is absolute freedom of choice.

Hasekura Restaurant:

Via dei Serpenti, 27 – 00184 Roma
Tel :

Sunday / Monday lunch

One of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Italy, japanese Master Chefs cook both traditional and innovative cuisine. Recommended by the Gambero Rosso guide.


  • Sushibar
  • Kaiten Sushi | Not bookable
  • Take away | Discount 10%
  • Japanese cooks
  • Sober environment
  • Price | 25/60 €
  • Credit card | Visa / Mastercard / A.Express


Website: www.sushiaroma.it
Email: info@sushiaroma.it

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